About Us

AHOLDTECH is a results driven and solutions oriented corporation that meets international quality standards on products manufactured for the defense industry. Using advanced Israeli material technology, combined with new industrial manufacturing capabilities, we are actively devoted to research and development, as well as product engineering of lightweight bulletproof materials and products.

AHOLDTECH operates in many areas in the defense industry such as bulletproof material : PE UD Fabric & Aramid UD Fabric, bulletproof products, stab resistant products, police & military equipment, personal protection equipment.

Test results prove that we are capable of offering the highest level of protection in the world with more advanced features in comparison to our competitors.

When weighing in all the elements of industrial materials and design such as weather resistance, deformation resistance,protection levels and weight ratios are examined; the results are not only astonishing on many levels but also competitive in terms of price points.

Every product has a 5 years guarantee. This guarantee feature alone gives an edge in price over others when purchasing in the long term. Also,the products are designed to tolerate tropical climates, extreme heat & high humidity.

All the products we sell include results of test reports. And based on these test results, it is apparent that our products are superior in offering maximum protection.

Who We Are

Aholdtech is renowned for strong ballistic engineering, our chief bulletproof materials specialist comes from Israel. We are dedicated to constant evaluation of new high-performance materials and their application to ballistic science.

Our Mission

In research and development has resulted in increased levels of protection while reducing product weight.

Our Values

At present, all our products have passed the NIJ 0101.06 standard test, and our company has also passed ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard.